mika holtzinger art
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  • Center
  • Illumination Series. Sculpture with Light
  • Illumination Series, Sculpture and LIght
  • Inner-light, Installation
  • Illumination Series. Sculpture with Light
  • Shared Space:Feather
  • Shared Space: Hive
  • Life With Wings: Bee
  • Pollinate
  • Life With Wings: Hummingbird
  • Nesting Series: #6
  • Life With Wings Series, #13
  • Nesting 1
  • Air Tribe
  • Losing Color
  • Broken: Rhino
  • Losing Color: Ocean
  • Losing Color Blue Fin Tuna
  • Losing Color
  • Human/Nature: Tiger #1
  • Backbone Series: Petals and Wings
  • Peacock Dancer
  • Venus Series: Hive
  • Venus Series: Moth
  • Hands summer 2011

Whether I am making paintings of wildlife or abstract sculpture, it is motivated by the chemistry I have with people and the natural world. I strive to make work which inspires people to more intricately bond with their environment, in hopes of forming a deeper appreciation for their surroundings.

Recent Work
Emerge #1
Crown #2
Center, #1 Work on Paper
Crown #1
Between the Gaps, #1
Backbone Series, #3, Works on Paper

A two minute, time lapse video of the making of the painting, Looking Back.